Layer3cloud’s vdc: your own virtual data centre.

Victoria Oresanya
07 Jun, 2021 - 0 Comment(s)

How does Layer3cloud’s vDC (Virtual Data Centre) fit into my plans?

vDC simply means Virtual Data Centre. This is a solution from Layer3cloud that allows you to create and manage two (2) or more virtual machines from a single dashboard.

Our vDC solution is a virtual solution just as virtual as the public cloud, however, instead of sharing resources and space in public infrastructure, our solution enables you to operate with a certain level of isolation between customers.

What makes this solution so unique is the availability of features which would normally be components in a physical form but have been converted to software such as virtual load balancers, virtual firewalls, distributed switching, and routing etc. There are also VPNs (IPSEC and SSL) to allow connectivity and communication between various channels.

This is achieved through cutting edge cloud and network technology which provides a greater level of security.

Benefits and How to Spot a Fake

Some hardware vendors have been inaccurately marketing their physical servers as enabling customers to create their own “private cloud”. Running on a physical server is more akin to on-premises hardware and misses the fundamentals of the cloud: A cloud is ultimately an infrastructure destination that is reliable, elastic, and scalable. You only pay for resources consumed, and more can be added instantly without needing to acquire new hardware.

Layer3cloud’s vDC offers numerous benefits; here are the top four.

Security: Information passed through your vDC stays within your control without crossing the internet. In addition, with all our customers operating on the same back-end infrastructure, we have a highly vested interest in keeping things running smoothly and securely, while maintaining high levels of uptime. We are devoted to spending much more time than a regular individual would to obtain this level of reliability and security.

Savings: vDCs are within a Layer3cloud, so customers still benefit from economies of scale, sharing costs with other organizations without compromising the aforementioned security.

Easy integration. A vDC can be integrated with other vDCs, the public cloud, or on-premises infrastructure. Once in place, it effectively becomes a hybrid cloud, which, is more than one cloud working in synchronization.

Seamless upgrades. With all customers operating on the same hardware, the vDC provider can upgrade everyone incrementally and with no downtime; most providers will refresh the underlying hardware while constantly acquiring faster and better hardware. Over time, customers’ workloads get more secure and quicker! Not only do security updates get rapidly deployed to your vDC, but we also carry out these updates without extra input from your own IT department. This not only ensures the rapid deployment of the latest security updates for your cloud, but it also frees up your IT staff to focus on activities that grow your business.

Considering moving to the cloud or looking to switch providers? We can help. At Layer3cloud, we can easily and seamlessly transition you to a secure, compliant, high-performance vDC. You will only have one portal to manage and have a team of IT experts available to you 24/7/365. Interested in learning more? Speak with our IT experts today about the benefits of the VDC.